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Solar Panel Shaded Matcha


Mr. Hattori is producing single garden, natural matcha that is shaded with solar panels. The matcha is ground in small batches with a traditional stone grinder.

A warm welcome at the hotel

ritz carlton kyoto

If you are having tea at Ritz Carlton Kyoto, here is how it will be served.

Thanks for 5 years of tea

It’s already been more than 5 years that the adventure began!
Since 2011, you have been more than 10000 tea drinkers to surf the blog and hundreds every month exploring the tea universe with me.
To you all : thanks, and cheers !
I prepared a nice surprise for you guys very soon, in the meantime keep on brewing 😉


Imperial Chai tea

imperial chai tea muffins

The Imperial Chai Tea is a delicious blend of black tea and spices (cardamom and cloves) wich was on the shelves of the Palais de Thés earlier this year.

Most of Indians drink it on a daily basis and infuse it in boiling whole milk with sugar. Chaiwallahs sell this tea everywhere in the streets and in the trains of India. On the picture below there also are Imperial Chaï flavored home-made muffins!

Moomin’s tea

  • thé moomins tea
  • thés moomins teas
  • thés moomins teas
  • thé moomins teabox boite
  • thé moomins tea bags sachets

Found in a Finnish online store (because the Moomin’s country is actually Finland and not Japan), those official Moomin’s teas are sold for a little less then 4 euros for 100 grams.
Those are flavoured black teas, here are the various flavours:

  • Moominmamma’s Magic Potion – Strawberries and rhubarb
  • Go for It! – Blueberry muffin
  • Sweetheart – Wild strawberries
  • I Should Know – Lemon

I found them all to be delicious, very tasty yet balanced!
Best served in the Moomin’s tea set :


New year, new design!

old heavy hard teapot

Redesign in progress...


Here we are, the first (anticipated) new year’s resolution!

Blog is undergoing much needed redesign!
*gonna be all sexy-minimalist-typo-responsive-html5-css3-like^^

Christmas at the Palais des Thés

It’s that time of the year again! And like every year the Palais des Thés is showing off it’s Christmas tea selection: the well known Christmas teas N°25. High quali-tea at low prices and that is precisely why we like the Palais des Thés! Put them under the Christmas tree for you and your relatives right away.

I wish you a very happy festive season,
enjoy it as much as possible and most importantly treat yourself, you’re worth it!


Le thé au jasmin de Delhaize

C’est de la bombe bébé! Enfin si vous permettez de m’exprimer ainsi. Trouvé au détour d’un rayon de chez Delhaize, acheté plus par curiosité qu’autre chose, quelle ne fut pas ma surprise en goûtant ce splendide thé au jasmin!

Il est léger, fleuri, pas trop amer, juste comme il doit être!


2.49 € pour 20 sachets en mousseline !
Il ne faut pas hésiter, foncez chez Delhaize!