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Hourglass Tea Steeper

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By designer Pengtao Yu




Je savais que le mot n’existait pas.
Et pourtant on le voit employé de ci de là, sans que personne ne relève vraiment…

Tout ça c’était jusqu’à il y a peu de temps.
Un ami érudit me dit alors: “Tu oublies ton passe-thé!”
Et moi de lui répondre : “Mais quelle pastèque?”

Après vérification, passe-thé est bel et bien le terme consacré.é

Longue vie aux Passes-thé !

Whale tea infusers

To kick start the year here are some brand new tea infusers whale shaped this time. Better stay in the ocean!

1 3

New shark tea infusers !

Shark tea infuser are a huge hit, there’s no denying it. Since my first post about them more then 3 years ago, their popularity has been constantly increasing. Here is a selection of tea infuser on the same theme, I think you’ll enjoy it.

shark1 shark2

Good ol’ Sharky infuser. We already knew this one

Yet another shark, full body and full silicon
octopus octoshark

So cute little octopus

And her matching shark friend

Just let me know if you’re interested in them. Maybe i’ll tell you where to find them ?

Tea-Tanic !

Yet another funny infuser


via Reddit user 5hinycat

Sharky tea infuser

The Sharky tea infuser is an orginal way of brewing your favourite hot drink. The visual effect is really cool. It’s basically a shark fin with an infuser underneath. The shark fin is floating on the water so it produces the effect of a prowling shark while your tea is infusing.


Sharky Tea Infuser