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Trolling Teacup


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Every Tea Bag’s Best Friend!

Here is a nifty little tool for all you tea bag people out there! It’s called the Teatop. A simple yet effective invention made in the heart of Europe.

A Teatop is a piece of thin rigid plastic holding the string of your tea bag in place over the cup during brewing, and ensures flawless removal of the tea bag as soon as it has finished brewing.

The Teatops are available in several colors and design to give a little personality to your Tea-Times!






Make TeaPop at home


A so cute infuser


Rare Chinese Monkey Picked Tea

Legend says that over ten centuries ago, upon seeing his master pick tea leaves, a monkey climbed up and collected the leaves and brought them down for his master.

Whether it be legend or simply a cheaper form of labor, the story has turned into a rare product that you can purchase and enjoy.


Monkey Picked Tea is a rare tea that is carefully picked by specially trained monkeys in a remote mountain region of China.

It is claimed that none of the monkeys are mistreated or harmed in this process. They say that the monkeys are treated as respected members of their family.