This month I bought three green teas.

  1. Sencha BIO (Organic farming product)
  2. Charlotte aux Iles (Sencha / Rhubarb / Strawberry / Vanilla)
  3. Desert tea (Gunpowder / Dried mint leaves)
Sencha Charlotte Menthe

The senchas have a sweet taste with strong herbal notes. The flavored sencha has a little more sugar then the first one because of the fruits in it. The infusion has a nice golden color. Brewing time takes from 2:30 to 3:00 top. More than this time the green tea’s bitter takes over.

The gunpowder is really delicious. The noze (dry smell) is a whole trip in itself. Once brewed this tea has a very mild and sweet taste. It’s very good. It’s a true favorite for me.

The two firsts come from the fair trade shop Sarita in Ciney

The third comes from “La boutique de Cécile” in Durbuy