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Positive Health Wellness

Check this website out !

Tasty teapots for Curtis

teapot_curtis1teapot_curtis3 teapot_curtis2 teapot_curtis4 teapot_curtis5

Tasty teapots for Curtis | Photo Manipulation | Illustrator: Catzwolf |

Magic-Flight Muad-Dib

The last newsletter from the makers of the well-known Magic-Flight Vaporizer was correctly illustrated ! What a beautiful teapot, I would like to own one like that, it looks kinda mexican style.

mflb muaddib

Thanks for 5 years of tea

It’s already been more than 5 years that the adventure began!
Since 2011, you have been more than 10000 tea drinkers to surf the blog and hundreds every month exploring the tea universe with me.
To you all : thanks, and cheers !
I prepared a nice surprise for you guys very soon, in the meantime keep on brewing 😉


An appropriated Doodle


This was the Google Doodle for Valentine’s Day 2016

BlendBee – Your Tea. Your Way.


BlendBee was started in 2013 by Jamah Dacus, a health-crazed tea-lover who has been making her own delicious tea blends for years.
Today on BlendBee everyone can create fabulous tea blends wich are made by you, for you (and your friends) and totally suits your tastes.

Here are a few blend examples we can find on the site :

Love-Oolong-Time-242x300 OmSweetOm570x708-241x300 white-coconut-241x300

New world order tea


“A secret blend that’s said to have been transmitted for future generations by world’s elite. A sip will turn you in a controlled spirit and a total slave”