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Thé & littérature

... et les bonnes gens du village et leurs petits logis et l’église et tout Combray et ses environs, tout cela qui prend forme et solidité, est sorti, ville et jardins, de ma tasse de thé.

Marcel Proust finding it’s own style

Good news everyone! The blog found it’s very own style! My love for tea is becoming alive through the cute character named Tea-Ti (that’s tea-tee) and after the recent redesign, the blog now gets new colors! Two color schemes for 2015 according to seasons.


Love button


See that little heart up there? You can “like” a post with it!

Categories renamed

You may have noticed it already but category names have changed, in a more poetic way.

  • To see -> See
  • Tips -> Hear
  • Accessories -> Touch
  • Tastings -> Taste
  • Various -> Love

Hopefully you’ll figure it out!

We are in 2015


May your cups be magic

New year, new design!

old heavy hard teapot

Redesign in progress...


Here we are, the first (anticipated) new year’s resolution!

Blog is undergoing much needed redesign!
*gonna be all sexy-minimalist-typo-responsive-html5-css3-like^^

Best Wishes for 2014 !


I wish you a happy new year 2014 on the way of tea.

Wainting for the next post