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Anatomy of a teapot


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World’s oldest tea found in China


2100 years old tea residue have been found in China pushing back several hundred years the first physical evidences of the most consumed beverage in the world, according to a study published in Scientific Reports.

These residues were found near Yangling Mausoleum, the tomb of the fourth emperor of the Han who lived between 188 and 141 BC.

One of the ceramic containers showed traces of plant residues, since identified as tea. “Our study reveals that the emperors of the Han dynasty already drank tea 2100 years ago” said a statement. “And that the drink was introduced on the Tibetan plateau 1800 years ago.”

A valuable discovery : tea leaves are obviously poorly preserved through the centuries and it’s difficult to identify them in the middle of totally rotten remains.

Matcha blueberry muffins


Recipe randomly found on the net, they are said to be delicious

Teas of the world


Iced tea (Nestea) in USA
Mate in South America
Green Tea (Gunpowder) with mint in North Africa
Earl Grey (Tea Time) in United Kingdom
Samovar tea in Russia
Butter tea in India
Ceylon in China
Matcha in Japan
Bubble tea in Thailand

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Inside Special-T capsules

  • Capsule Special-T
  • Capsule Special-T
  • Capsule Special-T

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