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The tea flavor wheel


One of the most overlooked brewing factor

Time !
How many times did i hear “my tea is too bitter” or “it tastes like grass”. One should never overlook the brewing time written on the label or the box of tea. This is especially true for green teas, which quickly becomes too strong when it exceeds 3 minutes of brewing.
We could sum things up like this :

  • Green Tea : 3 minutes Max
  • Black Tea : 4 minutes Max
  • Wulong/thé blanc : 5 minutes at least

Beware though, this reminder isn’t very accurate and kinda personal! For more accuracy, use the brewing table.
Several other tools are also available, TeaDroid my Android application, a timer dedicated to tea. Or this gorgeous hourglass with sand color and time according to the type of tea.


Did you know about tea bags…

We all have been using tea bags at some point. Some find it easy to store other find it easy to brew because it’s already dosed. Most of them tea bags are made of paper fiber but there are also tea bags made of polylactide (bioplastic).
But did you know that tea bags were originaly designed to store, ship and sell tea around the world? The loose tea was actualy intended to be removed from the bags by customers, but they found it easier to prepare tea with the tea enclosed in the bags.

Tea bags were introduced in 1908 by Thomas Sullivan of New York.

Kickstart your day

Iced Tea

Summer is a good time for brewing some iced tea and sipping it outside with some friends at barbecue party, by a swimming pool or wherever you want. I gathered five recipes around the web that sounded good. I didn’t try them all out but the one I made where really tasty (The one with peaches, and the one with lime and mint).