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Every Tea Bag’s Best Friend!

Here is a nifty little tool for all you tea bag people out there! It’s called the Teatop. A simple yet effective invention made in the heart of Europe.

A Teatop is a piece of thin rigid plastic holding the string of your tea bag in place over the cup during brewing, and ensures flawless removal of the tea bag as soon as it has finished brewing.

The Teatops are available in several colors and design to give a little personality to your Tea-Times!


A so cute infuser


The dark side of tea

To kick start the new year, I’m presenting to you a very special infuser (I bet you didn’t see that one coming)! Every time I think I’ve toured fun infusers on the market, I always end up finding a new one wich deserve it’s own post on my blog.
Anyway let me introduce to you the Death Star infuser from the well-known Star Wars movies saga. Check this out :


This infuser will be perfect to brew your Dagobah Green Tea (Dagobah is a planet in the Star Wars movies).


Both available on this site :

Two nice little guys

In the big family of funny infusers, it is my pleasure to introduce to you :


Mister tea swimmer and mister tea fisher !
Invite them at your place, they will bring you a good cup of tea.

Deep tea diver

Come explore the vast underwater world of loose-leaf tea with Deep Tea Diver. He’s dishwasher-safe, food-safe, and the stainless-steel ‘air tank’ serves as a handy counterweight so you can immerse him to any depth from cups to pots.


Check out this awesome teapot featuring Mister “Tea”

TeaZe Infuser

Check out the demonstration of this smart infuser. It can be ordered online on the website below and other online stores.