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Visiting Whittard London

Here are a few pictures of our visit to Whittard London

Visiting T2 London

Here are some pictures from our visit at T2 London, the famous australian tea shop franchise. The shop itself is very modern design and luxury too, filled with treasures for tea lovers! Don’t miss it if you go to London someday
Adresse : 292 Regent St, London W1B 3AP, UK
T2 Londres

Solar Panel Shaded Matcha


Mr. Hattori is producing single garden, natural matcha that is shaded with solar panels. The matcha is ground in small batches with a traditional stone grinder.

A warm welcome at the hotel

ritz carlton kyoto

If you are having tea at Ritz Carlton Kyoto, here is how it will be served.

Positive Health Wellness

Check this website out !

Tasty teapots for Curtis

teapot_curtis1teapot_curtis3 teapot_curtis2 teapot_curtis4 teapot_curtis5

Tasty teapots for Curtis | Photo Manipulation | Illustrator: Catzwolf |

Magic-Flight Muad-Dib

The last newsletter from the makers of the well-known Magic-Flight Vaporizer was correctly illustrated ! What a beautiful teapot, I would like to own one like that, it looks kinda mexican style.

mflb muaddib