I just realized that I’ve been less active on the blog as time passed. That doesn’t mean that I’m drinking less tea either! In fact I could say that the past few months have been quite rich in terms of discoveries and experiences about tea. So to start again in a good way, I will list below my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 regarding this blog:

  • Try to post more regularly (once a month)
  • Provide a new design for the site (by summer)
  • Making a choice in languages (10% of English-speaking visitors do not justify a translation of each post IMHO)
  • Take better pictures, perhaps to purchase a better camera.
  • Try to improve the content of my posts, try to get more involved personally in each of them (what I’m already doing in this post, hehe).

Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions!
See you.