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Milky Oolong

On a recent visit to a shop, Le Magie du Thé (The Tea Magic), I purchased a very special oolong. The Milky Oolong. A nose with natural and very special scents of hazelnut butter (yes, really!). I have not been able to resist considering my love of blue tea!

At first I brewed it for 3 minutes in 90°C water, and this Oolong seemed very nice although a bit faded. After a second run of 4 minutes in a second water, its true flavor I was finally revealed. Very soft woody notes and without any bitterness. This does not surprise me that it is said to be relaxing.

Definitely a great tea, I will buy some again very soon and I truly recommend it.

Bubble Tea

I came across a tweet some days ago and I found out about the bubble tea concept.
It is a mix of warm or cold tea and flavored milk and little tapioca beads. This Taiwanese drink is very special and unique because the tapioca beads remain full and are visible in the bottom of the glass. They are to be drank trough a large straw.
Bubble tea looks like a fruit juice or iced milk depending if it is make with water or milk.

To make bubble tea, it starts with a base of water or milk which is flavored with some special aromatic powder, mostly fruits. Then to brew some tea in that liquid base. And finally roasted tapioca beads will be added to the drink

On the website below, we can order kits for a very affordable price. Those kits have everything to make those so special teas. I have to admit I find it very tempting

TeaZe Infuser

Check out the demonstration of this smart infuser. It can be ordered online on the website below and other online stores.

Iced Tea

Summer is a good time for brewing some iced tea and sipping it outside with some friends at barbecue party, by a swimming pool or wherever you want. I gathered five recipes around the web that sounded good. I didn’t try them all out but the one I made where really tasty (The one with peaches, and the one with lime and mint).


Dammann white tea

I just received a little box of Dammann Freres white tea bags from Anji as a gift.

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This tea comes from Anji (province of Zhejiang) China where harvesting takes place only a few weeks a year. The fine shoots with thick white hairs give a bright liquor in a green afterglow, highlighted by a slight astringency.
The bags called “Cristal” are made of cloth and packaged individually.
This was my very first experience of white tea which I had heard great things of. So I brewed it according to the advices I received. At least five minutes in early boiling water.
The result was beyond my expectations. That little bitter taste gave me a new feeling on the tongue after every sip. No comparison with any other teas of my collection. Also it seemed quite low in theine which makes it an excellent evening tea.

I recommend this tea to anyone looking for a unique taste. Also white tea is known for it’s many health benefits.

My conclusion: try out white tea it is worth it!

TeaDroid for Android

Hello everyone!
I’ve been quite busy recently so I didn’t have the time to update the blog and I apologize for that. Actually I released my first application for Android smartphones. The app is called TeaDroid and it’s some kind of tea timer. You can find it here:
you can also scan the QR Code with your phone.

QR Code TeaDroid

The app operate as follows: you first set your tea type among three predefined families (Green / Black / Oolong) then you can set the strenght of your brew. When time will be over, a sweet sound and a little message will tell you to poure your tea. Then a second timer will start and last when your tea will be cool enough to be drank safely without burning your tongue.
So far the app has already been downloaded a hundred times.
Feel free to try it rate it and give me your feedback!




Radioactivity levels above normal has been detected in tea fields near Tokyo.

According to local authorities, the presence of 570 becquerels of cesium per kilogram was found on tea leaves grown at Minamiashigara in Kanagawa Prefecture, south-west of the capital.

Much of the production of quality teas from Japanese prefectures are from the south of the archipelago. However the prefecture has suspended sales of tea and asked for the recall of products already shipped, although the level of cesium is not considered dangerous to humans. Nevertheless opinions differ about the health risks of radioactivity levels in tea. Tea leaves are actually considered as vegetables and therefor subject to the same limit of cesium than any other plant food (500 becquerels per kilogramme).


Sharky tea infuser

The Sharky tea infuser is an orginal way of brewing your favourite hot drink. The visual effect is really cool. It’s basically a shark fin with an infuser underneath. The shark fin is floating on the water so it produces the effect of a prowling shark while your tea is infusing.


Sharky Tea Infuser