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I recently discovered the Steepster website. It’s a social networking site based on tea experiences. It defines itself as a tea community. We could almost say a communi-tea =)

There is a huge user provided database of teas and tea places which you can rate and comment on. You select a tea from the database, place a rating for it then select your brewing time and water temperature. After that you can give your impressions about what you just drank and let other users review it.

The places part makes you discover tea places near your location. Each location has its own little page with pictures, opening houres, ratings and comments. There’s also a map and contact informations.

The website also helps you connect with other tea drinkers. You can then exchange tips and learn things from other people.

In my humble opinion the website is really well thought out and well designed. I especially like the rating system with brewing time and water temperature. And also the shelf where you can add teas you own.
It’s like the Facebook of your favourite hobby but without all the lame ads.

Join me on Steepster!

Good surprise

First Order

I just received my very first order with the Palais des Thés. What a good surprise! The order has arrived in just 5 days (counting the weekend and a day off).

I ordered two teas : An Imperial Pu Er and a Thé des songes (Flavoured). I also received three samples, a catalog and two booklets. All really well presented and packaged.

I warmly recommend this online shop. Fast delivery, nice package, and affordable. Everything to make us happy.

I will talk about these teas soon. As soon as i’ll have them brewed.


Book – « Kosaburo, 1945 »


The book “Kosaburo, 1945” is not available for english readers yet. Sorry








Green teas

This month I bought three green teas.

  1. Sencha BIO (Organic farming product)
  2. Charlotte aux Iles (Sencha / Rhubarb / Strawberry / Vanilla)
  3. Desert tea (Gunpowder / Dried mint leaves)
Sencha Charlotte Menthe

The senchas have a sweet taste with strong herbal notes. The flavored sencha has a little more sugar then the first one because of the fruits in it. The infusion has a nice golden color. Brewing time takes from 2:30 to 3:00 top. More than this time the green tea’s bitter takes over.

The gunpowder is really delicious. The noze (dry smell) is a whole trip in itself. Once brewed this tea has a very mild and sweet taste. It’s very good. It’s a true favorite for me.

The two firsts come from the fair trade shop Sarita in Ciney

The third comes from “La boutique de Cécile” in Durbuy

A coated teapot

Yixing Teapot

Some teapots are made of porous materials like terracotta, sandstone or clay for instance. These teapots will absorbe some tea particles called tannins. They’ll keep a trace of every teas that has been brewed inside them. And thus will reveal deep tea flavors.


Progressively tannin will coat the inside of the teapot. However this process requires lot of patience and know-how to get good results.

It’s said that tea Masters’s teapots have great value.


Book – « The Book of Tea »


« The Book of Tea » Okakura Kakuzô

In the book, Kakuzo introduces the term Teaism and how tea has affected nearly every aspect of Japanese culture, thought, and life. Kazuko addressed The Book of Tea to a Western audience and wrote it in English, not Japanese. The fact that it was originally written in English instead of being translated makes this a great English Tea classics. He had been taught at a young age to speak English and was proficient at communicating his thoughts to the Western mind. In his book, he discusses such topics as Zen and Taoism, but also the secular aspects of tea and Japanese life.

Okakura Kakuzo

“Terre d’Oc” Teas

Thé de l'hospitalité

I was recently gifted a nice package with 6 boxes of different teas. Now I know these are not really “great teas” but I consider this as a good introduction. A nicely packed starter kit. On the other hand this is a good opportunity to awaken my senses to different tastes of tea.



Box of 6 bio hospitality teas. (Teas from Organic Farming).

Here’s what the description reads:
“From China to India, Japan to Russia, Sri Lanka to Hoggar desert. A trip over the flavors of all teas in the world, presented in beautiful collectibles boxes with advice for preparing and serving.”

  • Black tea with spices (India)
  • Red Tea Earl Grey (China)
  • Black tea with cinnamon (Sri Lanka)
  • White Tea (China)
  • Black Tea with Citrus (Russian taste)
  • Green tea with mint (Touareg)


Namaste logo

Hello and welcome on (Tea-Time). A tea enthusiast’s blog.

This site aims to tell a journey into the world of that old beverage.

A little tale:
A Chinese legend tells that Emperor Chen Nung was taking a nap under a tree over 4700 years ago. A slight breeze carried a leaf of the tree into the bowl of hot water that the Emperor was accustomed to have at his side. His servants would then proposed to change the bowl but the Emperor with a wave of his hand, kept them in distance and with the index finger raised toward the sky told them these words:

« From what Sky sent us, harmony was born in ourselves. »

The Emperor then sip from the bowl. Much to his surprise, it turned out to be extremely good and fortifying. He asked then the name of the tree…