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Dammann white tea

I just received a little box of Dammann Freres white tea bags from Anji as a gift.

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This tea comes from Anji (province of Zhejiang) China where harvesting takes place only a few weeks a year. The fine shoots with thick white hairs give a bright liquor in a green afterglow, highlighted by a slight astringency.
The bags called “Cristal” are made of cloth and packaged individually.
This was my very first experience of white tea which I had heard great things of. So I brewed it according to the advices I received. At least five minutes in early boiling water.
The result was beyond my expectations. That little bitter taste gave me a new feeling on the tongue after every sip. No comparison with any other teas of my collection. Also it seemed quite low in theine which makes it an excellent evening tea.

I recommend this tea to anyone looking for a unique taste. Also white tea is known for it’s many health benefits.

My conclusion: try out white tea it is worth it!

TeaDroid for Android

Hello everyone!
I’ve been quite busy recently so I didn’t have the time to update the blog and I apologize for that. Actually I released my first application for Android smartphones. The app is called TeaDroid and it’s some kind of tea timer. You can find it here:
you can also scan the QR Code with your phone.

QR Code TeaDroid

The app operate as follows: you first set your tea type among three predefined families (Green / Black / Oolong) then you can set the strenght of your brew. When time will be over, a sweet sound and a little message will tell you to poure your tea. Then a second timer will start and last when your tea will be cool enough to be drank safely without burning your tongue.
So far the app has already been downloaded a hundred times.
Feel free to try it rate it and give me your feedback!