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Sharky tea infuser

The Sharky tea infuser is an orginal way of brewing your favourite hot drink. The visual effect is really cool. It’s basically a shark fin with an infuser underneath. The shark fin is floating on the water so it produces the effect of a prowling shark while your tea is infusing.


Sharky Tea Infuser



I recently discovered the Steepster website. It’s a social networking site based on tea experiences. It defines itself as a tea community. We could almost say a communi-tea =)

There is a huge user provided database of teas and tea places which you can rate and comment on. You select a tea from the database, place a rating for it then select your brewing time and water temperature. After that you can give your impressions about what you just drank and let other users review it.

The places part makes you discover tea places near your location. Each location has its own little page with pictures, opening houres, ratings and comments. There’s also a map and contact informations.

The website also helps you connect with other tea drinkers. You can then exchange tips and learn things from other people.

In my humble opinion the website is really well thought out and well designed. I especially like the rating system with brewing time and water temperature. And also the shelf where you can add teas you own.
It’s like the Facebook of your favourite hobby but without all the lame ads.

Join me on Steepster!