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“Terre d’Oc” Teas

Thé de l'hospitalité

I was recently gifted a nice package with 6 boxes of different teas. Now I know these are not really “great teas” but I consider this as a good introduction. A nicely packed starter kit. On the other hand this is a good opportunity to awaken my senses to different tastes of tea.



Box of 6 bio hospitality teas. (Teas from Organic Farming).

Here’s what the description reads:
“From China to India, Japan to Russia, Sri Lanka to Hoggar desert. A trip over the flavors of all teas in the world, presented in beautiful collectibles boxes with advice for preparing and serving.”

  • Black tea with spices (India)
  • Red Tea Earl Grey (China)
  • Black tea with cinnamon (Sri Lanka)
  • White Tea (China)
  • Black Tea with Citrus (Russian taste)
  • Green tea with mint (Touareg)


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Hello and welcome on (Tea-Time). A tea enthusiast’s blog.

This site aims to tell a journey into the world of that old beverage.

A little tale:
A Chinese legend tells that Emperor Chen Nung was taking a nap under a tree over 4700 years ago. A slight breeze carried a leaf of the tree into the bowl of hot water that the Emperor was accustomed to have at his side. His servants would then proposed to change the bowl but the Emperor with a wave of his hand, kept them in distance and with the index finger raised toward the sky told them these words:

« From what Sky sent us, harmony was born in ourselves. »

The Emperor then sip from the bowl. Much to his surprise, it turned out to be extremely good and fortifying. He asked then the name of the tree…