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Solar Panel Shaded Matcha


Mr. Hattori is producing single garden, natural matcha that is shaded with solar panels. The matcha is ground in small batches with a traditional stone grinder.

A warm welcome at the hotel

ritz carlton kyoto

If you are having tea at Ritz Carlton Kyoto, here is how it will be served.

Tasty teapots for Curtis

teapot_curtis1teapot_curtis3 teapot_curtis2 teapot_curtis4 teapot_curtis5

Tasty teapots for Curtis | Photo Manipulation | Illustrator: Catzwolf | https://www.behance.net/catzwolf

Magic-Flight Muad-Dib

The last newsletter from the makers of the well-known Magic-Flight Vaporizer was correctly illustrated ! What a beautiful teapot, I would like to own one like that, it looks kinda mexican style.

mflb muaddib

Mr Tea Force


From an unknown anime…

Thanks for 5 years of tea

It’s already been more than 5 years that the Tea-Ti.me adventure began!
Since 2011, you have been more than 10000 tea drinkers to surf the blog and hundreds every month exploring the tea universe with me.
To you all : thanks, and cheers !
I prepared a nice surprise for you guys very soon, in the meantime keep on brewing 😉