New shark tea infusers !

Shark tea infuser are a huge hit, there’s no denying it. Since my first post about them more then 3 years ago, their popularity has been constantly increasing. Here is a selection of tea infuser on the same theme, I think you’ll enjoy it.

shark1 shark2

Good ol’ Sharky infuser. We already knew this one

Yet another shark, full body and full silicon
octopus octoshark

So cute little octopus

And her matching shark friend

Just let me know if you’re interested in them. Maybe i’ll tell you where to find them ?

Christmas at the Palais des Thés

It’s that time of the year again! And like every year the Palais des Thés is showing off it’s Christmas tea selection: the well known Christmas teas N°25. High quali-tea at low prices and that is precisely why we like the Palais des Thés! Put them under the Christmas tree for you and your relatives right away.

I wish you a very happy festive season,
enjoy it as much as possible and most importantly treat yourself, you’re worth it!


Le thé au jasmin de Delhaize

C’est de la bombe bébé! Enfin si vous permettez de m’exprimer ainsi. Trouvé au détour d’un rayon de chez Delhaize, acheté plus par curiosité qu’autre chose, quelle ne fut pas ma surprise en goûtant ce splendide thé au jasmin!

Il est léger, fleuri, pas trop amer, juste comme il doit être!


2.49 € pour 20 sachets en mousseline !
Il ne faut pas hésiter, foncez chez Delhaize!

Ceramic fish cups


via Aliexpress

Jurassip Park !


Giant T-Rex Mug

On sale here :